In November, CBeebies will continue to provide interactive programming appropriate for children's mental and physical growth. These unique resources, developed by specialists to teach while having fun, will be introduced to youngsters in new episodes.

CBeebies November content for children - Watch List

1. Swashbuckle

Swashbuckle: This kid's game show with a pirate theme is back for a fourth season! Captain Sinker and his two poor shipmates, Cook and Line, go on an adventure aboard the sunken pirate crew Scarlet Squid. Each episode features a bunch of vagrants such as Tumbly Barrel and Wacky Whirlpool who must engage in various activities under the watchful eye of the ship's parrot, Squawk, in order to uncover the gems and place them in the treasure chest. To earn gems, join this daring team on Monday, November 1 at 16:15.

2. Hello, Duggee

Hello, Duggee! Hey Duggee is coming back to the Squirrel Club with a slew of new activities. Duggee, a giant and adorable dog, greets small Squirrels eager to play, learn new things, and make new friends. For acts like teaching the value of brushing, saving a lost duck, or mastering camouflage, Duggee awards them with a badge. On Monday, November 15 at 09:45, all squirrels can watch the new season of this wonderful cartoon series on Digiturk channel 161.

3. Little Learners: "Our Planet"

A series of CBeebies programmes (Andy's Aquatic Adventures, Go Jetters, My Pet and Me) covering important topics such as recycling, protecting our oceans, and protecting our plant and animal life were created to highlight the COP26 Conference, with the goal of helping our young students understand how they can help protect the planet they live on.

Content such as My Pet and Me: Vet Tales and Octonauts will soon be available on television. On Monday, November 1 at 11:40 a.m., Little Learners, preparing to take the little ones on a beautiful trip, will be on the screen.

4. Nina and her Neurons

Nina is a hilarious scientist. Nina explores the environment and provides explanations by using her body's five neurons to manage her senses and carry messages to her body, similar to real neurons.

On Monday, November 1 at 17:50, Nina and Neurons will be with us on Digiturk channel 161 with their 6th, 7th, and 8th series.

5. Bluey

The importance of creative play in the development of healthy children is highlighted in this upbeat and welcoming look at modern family life. Bluey, an Australian blue paw puppy, has an endless imagination and loves to turn mundane tasks into exciting adventures. He and his younger sister Bingo play games to help them overcome their phobias and take on grown-up responsibilities. Nothing makes them happier than involving their parents in their mischief, particularly their father. On Monday, November 1, at 16:00, it will meet with adventurers.

6. Teletubbies

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, based on the classic series, have been carefully adapted to appeal to today's preschoolers while preserving their cute, huggable traits. New characters, such as Teletubbies and Noo-Noo, will return, along with Touchscreen Tummies, who will offer incredible live-action videos from the perspective of youngsters. On Monday, November 1 at 20:50, Teletubbies will be with us on Digiturk channel 161 with their fun characters.

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